embedded software
Micrium’s vision is to provide the highest-quality embedded software components in the industry, in the form of engineer-friendly source code with unsurpassed documentation and customer support. Micrium’s products consistently deliver on that vision to shorten time-to-market throughout all product development cycles.
design development
In the complex world of short design development cycles and higher-than-ever demand for quality, embedded software is a major investment. Today’s design engineers require embedded code that works right away, every time. Micrium’s embedded software components are written with the design engineer in mind. Ease-of-use is a commitment that guides all product development. Unlike other software providers, Micrium provides source code, ensuring full control over the code’s implementation.
commercial applications
Micrium’s embedded software products are implemented in hundreds of commercial applications worldwide, including: automotive, avionics, consumer electronics, medical devices, military and aerospace applications, networking, and systems-on-a-chip. The company's partners span silicon vendors, software validation, third-party software, evaluation board, state machine providers, tool vendors, and a global distribution network. TThere are several choices for embedded software components; only one makes sense. Micrium is confident that its clean, reliable source code is the best in the market and has built its reputation on making it easy to design with its family of products. Royalty-free, a try-before-you-buy RTOS and TCP-IP stack, and unsurpassed support are only part of the story. Let Micrium’s robust software help you accelerate your next design.

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